Meatless Monday: COK Serves Over 1,000 Free Vegan Sandwiches in DC and LA!

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free veganLast Monday was the perfect storm to promote healthier and more sustainable vegetarian eating: in honor of Meatless Monday, Vegetarian Awareness Month (Oct.) and Food Day (Oct. 24), COK celebrated this trio of events by dishing out over 1,000 free vegan sandwiches, made with Tofurky deli slices, in Washington, DC and Los Angeles, CA.

And, since Subway recently sent out a tweet asking for feedback on its menu items during Vegetarian Awareness Month, we decided to host our feed-ins in front of Subway stores, showing lunch-goers how tasty and hearty vegan sandwiches are!

Surpassing McDonald’s, Subway is the world’s largest restaurant chain. What better way to help make affordable, healthy and humane choices accessible to millions than by asking Subway to add Tofurky Deli slices to its menu? That’s why about a dozen COK volunteers took to the streets last Monday to serve free vegan sandwiches as well as distribute over 2,000 pro-veg leaflets while also encouraging Subway customers to ask for more vegan options in support of our We Love Subway campaign.

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In Washington DC, COK volunteers handed out hundreds of free sandwiches and got lots of great feedback in return. Many eyebrows raised with their first bite, with exclamations like “This tastes just like a turkey sandwich!”

free vegan

In Los Angeles, our volunteers set up outside of a busy Subway location on Westwood Boulevard, handing out several hundred Tofurky sandwiches to eager passersby, several of whom then went into Subway asking the managers to start offering veggie meats on its menu.

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And in Baltimore, COK volunteers had a record day of outreach serving up over 400 Tofurky sandwiches and handing out thousands pieces of pro-veg literature during BARCStoberfest. After sampling the sandwiches, we received incredibly positive feedback including: “This is delicious!” and “Where can I buy this?”  One woman even told us: “You’ve converted me – I like how this food doesn’t hurt animals.”

Want to volunteer at one of our upcoming events? Visit our online calendar for events in D.C., L.A., Austin and Baltimore.

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