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Celebrate Compassion for All Moms This Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner!

While we honor the moms and mother figures in our lives, why not take a few moments to celebrate and honor all moms?

When you learn about the lives of some of the caring mothers who happen to have fur or feathers, it’s clear to see why every mom deserves compassion this Mother’s Day.


  • Mother pigs sing to their piglets, who they will nurse for up to 12 weeks, like many human mothers sing to their babies.
  • On factory farms, mother pigs spend months confined in gestation crates throughout pregnancy and farrowing crates while nursing, only able to nurse and connect with their piglets from behind metal bars.
  • Cows form lifelong bonds with their calves. Like humans and all mammals, the milk they produce is to feed their young.
  • In the dairy industry, these bonds are shattered. Cows are repeatedly artificially inseminated, and each time they have a calf, the newborn cow is taken away from them, so their milk can be sold to humans. Just before Mother’s Day 2017, COK investigative footage revealed Big Dairy’s cycle of cruelty endured by cows.
  • A hen’s bond with her chicks begins even before they hatch! Carefully building a nest, a hen will chirp to her chicks who chirp back from inside their eggs. 
  • Egg-laying hens are crammed into tiny wire “battery cages,” without enough room to even turn around or spread their wings. These birds will never feel sunshine or grass beneath their feet.

Behind the closed doors of factory farms, there are millions of mothers suffering. Animal agribusiness relies on a systemic cycle of exploitation of these female animals to produce dairy, eggs, and meat.

Thankfully, each time with sit down to a vegan meal, we are standing up for compassion for all of these loving moms!

Though Mother’s Day is this Sunday, there’s still plenty of time to create your compassionate holiday menu. Whip up brunch for Mom with these Blueberry WafflesFluffy Pancakes or French Toast from

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