COK and Tofurky Team Up to Support GOOD’s Vegetarian Pledge

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Vegetarian PledgeOn June 30 in Los Angeles, Compassion Over Killing (COK) teamed up with one of our favorite animal-friendly companies, Tofurky, to cater lunch for GOOD, an integrated media platform designed to share information about living well and doing good. The company’s goal is to offer resources through its website, various videos, events, and a print magazine for people, businesses, and non-profit organizations with a mission to move the world forward.

One way this is achieved is through its monthly “GOOD Challenge,” during which the staff selects a mission to support and motivates its readers to do the same. Recognizing that choosing vegetarian foods has positive benefits for our health, the environment, and animals, GOOD’s staff took a month-long vegetarian pledge in June.

Vegetarian PledgeIn support of this pledge, COK and Tofurky worked together to serve the 50 writers, editors, web designers, and community managers a bistro-style vegan lunch: ciabatta bread sandwiches with Tofurky Italian deli slices, sun-dried tomato hummus spread, lettuce, and fresh basil leaves along with a summery lemon-pepper potato salad and a chocolate chip or lemon cookie from the always-delicious Sun Flour Baking Company. Served in a small gift bag on the last day of the pledge, the meal was accompanied by COK’s popular Vegetarian Starter Guide, Easy Vegan Recipes, and new Vegetarian Guide to Los Angeles to provide helpful resources and empower the staff to continue eating plant-based foods even after the end of the month.

GOOD readers were equally excited to participate in the pledge, tweeting about their new favorite vegetarian recipes or meat alternatives along with their increased energy and overall wellness. One fan commented on how creative the cooking process became for him, stating that: “Variety isn’t limited; just the imagination.”

In light of the tremendous success of the pledge, the GOOD staff has committed to cooking and sharing a vegetarian soup or salad every Tuesday and Thursday throughout the rest of 2011 — what a GOOD idea!

Vegetarian Pledge

The Tofurky Italian deli slices are infused with sun-dried tomato and basil–perfectly enhanced by fresh slices of the herb!

Vegetarian Pledge

Each lunch bag featured a sticker to remind GOOD eaters about the many benefits of choosing vegetarian foods.

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