4 Signs Vegan Food is Everywhere

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Meatless is mainstream, and plant-based foods are firmly rooted in their spots on menus nationwide, as well as around the globe.

The market for meat alternatives is set to reach $5.17 billion by 2020, and as research firm Global Data recently found, a soaring number of US consumers are increasingly aware of the “impact of meat consumption” and choosing more “ethical eating.”

And from coast-to-coast, delicious plant-based foods are being offered to meet the demand of the growing vegan consumer market! Here are 4 signs that vegan food is everywhere:

  • BurgerFi goes beyond meat: Starting July 3, the Beyond Burger hits menus at eight of 101 locations of hamburger chain, BurgerFi. The plant-based patty Beyond Meat says “looks, cooks, and tastes like a fresh beef burger” is so meaty it can be found in meat aisles. DYK Yale also recently became the first university to offer this meatless meal?
  • I can’t believe It’s Vegan: There’s a new buttery spread from I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, and it’s vegan! “IT’S VEGAN” is exactly what the package says in big letters, next to a “Certified Vegan” logo. As VegNews reports, the company rolled out new vegan recipes too, citing an effort to offer “innovation and inclusiveness for any diet or lifestyles.”
  • sweetFrog goes sweeter with dairy-free: And as so many consumers ditch dairy, frozen yogurt chain sweetFrog says “guests told us they wanted more when it came to non-dairy choices on our menu.” Well, just in time to cool off this summer, there are 6 new vegan flavors! Featuring Dole Whip, these come in pineapple, orange, strawberry, raspberry, mango, and lemon. Find dairy-free frozen yogurt at TCBY and Pinkberry, too!
  • Vegan fast food coming right up: The world’s first 24-hour vegan drive-thru is coming soon…but that’s not the only place you can easily find vegan fast food. In response to massive meatless demand, Taco Bell rolled out an easy vegan ordering guide, and just relaunched its vegan-certified rice. Craving burgers instead? White Castle now offers two vegan sliders!

From tons of new dairy-free ice creams hitting store shelves, to amazingly innovative new vegan products, plant-based foods are everywhere!

Like to cooking your own meatless meals? Our TryVeg.com is packed with plant-based recipes!

Photo: Beyond Meat

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