10 Vegan Beers That Are Perfect for Fall

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Fall is the perfect time to cozy up with a six-pack of vegan beers–whether you’re enjoying the crisp outdoors or inside with a delicious fall treat. In October especially, breweries release all kinds of delicious autumnal flavors. It’s the perfect time to get your hands on a limited-run Octoberfest or pumpkin beer to complement the season.

But–did you know that not all beers are vegan? Sometimes breweries use animal-derived fining agents in their brewing process or even use honey or egg white ingredients. Don’t get spooked, though–there are plenty of delicious options that are totally vegan-friendly.

Using the amazing Barnivore app, we’ve brewed up a list of our favorite fall vegan beers. Don’t see your top pick here? Just search it on Barnivore.com!

vegan beer sou

Southern Tier Pumking

Lakewood, NY

“The king of pumpkin beers,” this ale has a palatable sweetness to it with notes of cloves, nutmeg, vanilla, and of course, pumpkin. It’s a medium-bodied beer and shockingly drinkable for something that packs in 8.6% ABV. Could it be…the king of vegan beers?

Pair with: Miyoko’s Smoked Farmhouse cheese wheel

vegan beer hardywood farmhouse pumpkin

Hardywood Farmhouse Pumpkin

Richmond, VA

This saison-style pumpkin beer is a lighter option. Hardywood uses lots of local ingredients like pumpkins from nearby Midlothian, Virginia, ginger from Powhatan, Virginia, and spices made at C.F. Sauer right in the city. All of this comes together to create a farmhouse ale with “balanced, rustic fall flavors.”

Pair with: vegan chicken and waffles

vegan beers best brown ale

Bell’s Best Brown Ale

Comstock, MI

For those who aren’t pumpkin fans (or just need to take a break between all the pumpkin beer, pie, butter that fall brings…), there’s always the simple but cozy Best Brown Ale from Bell’s. A hoppier rendition, this beer has notes of toasty caramel and cocoa.

Pair with: TryVeg’s vegan sausage gumbo

vegan beers sam adams octoberfest

Samuel Adams Octoberfest

Boston, Massachusetts

Munich’s Oktoberfest began in 1810 when the prince decided to celebrate his wedding with a weeks-long party and special beer. While only certain German breweries qualify as makers of true Oktoberfest beers, American breweries can certainly imitate the Marzen style. This version is smooth with light hops and a beautiful deep-red amber.

Pair with: TryVeg’s vegan crab cakes

vegan beers dogfish head punkin ale

Dogfish Head Punkin Ale

Milton, DE

Dogfish Head has been brewing this pumpkin ale since before they even opened their doors in 1995. They’ve clearly had time to perfect their recipe, which includes fresh pumpkin and brown sugar for a little sweetness. Be sure to get yours early because like many of these beers, it goes fast and is usually sold out by Thanksgiving.

Pair with: vegan holiday stuffing

vegan beers duclaw 31

DuClaw 31

Baltimore, MD

This pumpkin-spiced lager is a marriage between the traditional Munich Dunkel and a pumpkin ale. Smooth and rich, this amber-hued lager has hints of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and allspice.

Pair with: Jackfruit Chili

vegan beers sierra nevada coffee stout

Sierra Nevada Coffee Stout

Chico, CA

There’s nothing better than a dark and hearty cold one to warm you up in the fall weather. Sierra Nevada uses cold-brewed coffee with roasted malts to craft a bittersweet, dark chocolate-y stout.

Pair with: seitan beef and mushroom stroganov

vegan beers founder's harvest ale

Founders Brewing Harvest Ale

Grand Rapids, MI

The Harvest Ale is a beautifully light IPA made from wet American hops. This is a fall beer that stands out from all the rest, departing from pumpkin pie spices in search of a citrus and fresh pine aroma.

Pair with: TryVeg’s reuben quesadillas

vegan beers rogue hazelnut brown nectar

Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar

Newport, OR

Here’s a beer with an impressive resume. With awards from the World Beverage Competition, Brussels Beer Challenge, and more, this ale can certainly stand on its own two feet. One of the many vegan beers found year-round, this ale is the perfect smooth but nutty fall beverage.

Pair with: vegan apple crisp

vegan beers great lakes oktoberfest

Great Lakes Oktoberfest

Cleveland, OH

Another vegan beer brewed with classic Munich malts! This smooth and malty American version of the beloved German beer is toasty and nutty with hints of toffee.

Pair with: Beyond sausage

Featured Photo: Founders Harvest

Want more vegan dishes to pair with your favorite brews or other beverages? Check out our free recipes for for meal inspiration.

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