Your Guide to the Ultimate Vegan Easter Basket

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There’s nothing like waking up on Easter morning to the sight of a jam-packed basket, piled high with all of your favorite colorful, sugary treats — brought to you by none other than the big bunny herself.

Unfortunately many Easter treats include not-so-nice animal-based ingredients — milk, gelatin, egg, et al.

Luckily, there are basketfuls of other Easter candies just as delicious, but vegan-friendly and kind to our animal friends. The Easter Bunny would definitely approve!

Here’s your guide to the ultimate vegan Easter basket, with vegan versions of all the treats you remember:

Chocolately Mini Cream Veggs 
Brought to you by No Whey Chocolate, these Cadbury Egg-style treats are the creamy, gooey deliciousness you remember. Filled with dairy-free cream and topped with a milk-less chocolate shell, they’re the ultimate Easter indulgence.

Large Bunny Filled with Fruity Bears
Nothing says Easter like a chocolate bunny. This adorable, delicious treat by Sjaak’s is even sweeter because it’s stuffed with fruity gummy candy. You get the best of both worlds.

Bunny and Chick Marshmallows
Peeps are adorable and sugary, but not sweet to animals (gelatin, yuck!). Luckily, Sweet and Sara makes just-as-sweet marshmallow treats, 100% vegan and handmade with love. 

Sour Jelly Beans
Jelly beans are an Easter basket must. Made by YumEarth Naturals, this variety is delightfully sour, pucker-inducing — and free from unnatural additives.

Coconut Cream Eggs
Vegan Treats has an array of Easter goodies, but their coconut cream eggs are an indulgent addition to the holiday lineup for any chocolate lover. If you’re nearby the Bethlehem, Pa. storefront, you can also pick up some stunning shortbread bunnies! 

Chocolate Miniatures
These super-cute candies by Rose City Chocolates are perfect. Hazelnut-filled bunnies and chicks (in a box with a bow!) are what Easter dreams of made of (and no actual baby animals harmed in the making).

Edible Easter Grass
The perfect Easter basket needs grass — of course — but you can skip the plastic! Galerie makes an edible green apple-flavored Easter grass that’s 100% vegan. So you can plan the perfect basket and give the Easter Bunny a break.

(And if you’d rather buy a pre-stuffed basket, there are plenty of options for those, too! Try Vegan Treats, Natural Candy Store, or No Whey Foods. Happy Easter!

Featured photo: Vegan Treats

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