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COK to Kraft Heinz at Picklesburgh: What’s the Dill with all the Dairy?

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This weekend, food giant Kraft Heinz sponsored Picklesburgh, a celebration of all things pickle. Kraft Heinz is the parent company of BOCA, a line of vegetarian frozen foods–that still uses cruel dairy in many of its products. So, Compassion Over Killing staff and volunteers showed up to let BOCA know that we’d relish an all-vegan brand.

Decked out in green and sandwiched by signs reading, “What’s the dill with all the dairy in BOCA?”, Compassion Over Killing volunteers gave out hundreds of postcards in Heinz’ hometown, asking Pittsburgh’s pickle lovers to tell the food giant that consumers are hungry for a vegan BOCA brand!

In 2010, a COK campaign convinced BOCA to stop using eggs in their products. Now we’re telling them that dropping dairy would be a big dill for people, animals, and the planet. Not only are dairy-free options healthier and more sustainable, they cut out the cruelty of factory farms. As COK investigations have shown, Big Dairy is a cruel industry which relies on the systematic exploitation of mothers and their calves. But, dairy is quickly becoming obsolete, and plant-based milks are on the rise!

Once a household name, BOCA has fallen behind other fully-vegan brands like Beyond Meat that are already 100% vegan. The demand for 100% plant-based food is sizzling: A recent Nielsen report noted that nearly 20 percent of food and beverage dollars were spent on vegan products in 2017, and Amazon and Mintel both declared vegan BBQ a major summer trend. So, further heating up the campaign at Picklesburgh were geo-targeted mobile ads telling Kraft Heinz to kraft a better BOCA brand by ditching dairy.  

“In offering a veggie burger, you’ve already recognized that consumers want less violence and more nutrition on their plates. Please, catch up with your competitors and offer a 100% vegan BOCA brand—​by ditching dairy!”

-Actor Kimberly Elise in letter to Kraft Heinz CEO

BOCA is headed in the right direction and recently debuted new fully-vegan falafel! But any animal ingredients are too many animal ingredients, and we want a fully vegan brand. You can join in by asking BOCA: what’s the “dill” with all the dairy?

Sign and share the petition at!

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