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Vegan Travel Tips: Be Vegan in Any Language

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It’s hard not to notice that in the past few years, restaurants and grocery stores throughout the U.S. are increasingly stocking up on a wide variety of meatless options, making it easier than ever to choose animal-friendly foods.

When traveling abroad however, especially to a country in which you don’t fluently speak the language, you might worry about finding enough vegan options. And if you’ve been putting off that international travel because you’re not sure how to order a meat-, egg-, and dairy-free meal, then it’s time to start checking those travel deal sites because we’ve got a solution: V-Cards! 

Available in over 60 languages, from Afrikaans to Greek to Yiddish, V-Cards are a simple way to help you communicate important information about your vegan diet in a foreign language – a must have for vegan travel! They’re the brain-child of long-time animal advocate and COK supporter Mike Weinberg as a way to help him during his personal travels:

“In 2011, while planning for a cruise with my wife to the Baltic region, I realized that I needed some way to communicate our vegan requests in the 7 countries we’d be visiting. That’s when I came across Google Translate. It worked pretty well, although we ran into some humorous translation issues. For example, in Sweden, ‘No honey’ had translated into the equivalent of ‘Not tonight honey, I have a headache!'”

Thanks to Mike, V-cards are available for free and can be downloaded simply by visiting

Vegan Travel

In addition to being a V-Card carrying vegan, here are a few other tips and tricks to help with your international travels:

  • Plan out your meals in advance. Check for veg-friendly restaurants using HappyCow. And be sure to write down the details on paper, in case your phone dies or doesn’t have a signal.
  • Bring snacks. Because even the best laid plans will sometimes go awry.
  • Talk with other vegan travelers in advance. Ask your friends who they might know at your destination or who’s traveled there before. Try to connect with others via Twitter, Facebook or MeetUp to get suggestions for restaurants and grocery stores.

Now it’s time to get out there, fearless veg traveler — Bon Voyage! And send us some good pictures in your “Ask me why I’m a Vegetarian” shirt?

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