Myth-Busters: Vegan Edition!

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To someone transitioning to a new plant-based diet, the word ‘veganism’ may feel a bit intimidating! Many people have heard the term ‘vegan,’ but they also may have heard some inaccurate info about leaving animals off their plates.

Don’t worry: This quick guide will debunk some common vegan ‘myths’ that circulate, and you can always visit for lots more info about plant-based eating!

Myth: Veganism is too expensive.
Just like any foods, there are some high-end vegan products or local vegan eateries that might seem pricey. But the idea that a vegan lifestyle will ultimately cost more is simply not true! While meat alternatives like tofu, seitan, and tempeh cost roughly $3.99/12 oz, the same amount of steak would cost about $5.99. Try buying beans, nuts, grains and vegetables in bulk. Dairy alternatives and special products like nutritional yeast can be purchased at similar prices to eggs, dairy milk, and dairy cheese. Grocery prices differ depending upon location, but a vegan lifestyle will not break the bank…and won’t break animals’ hearts!

Myth: Vegans don’t get enough protein.
You don’t need meat to be healthy or get protein… just ask vegan-strong athletes like Rich Roll! Many vegan foods are high in protein, such as quinoa (8g), lentils (18g), lima beans (15g), and seitan (21g). The list is extensive and there are plant-based proteins to satisfy every preference. Plus, you can say “no whey, dairy” and supplement with vegan protein powders ranging from 25-40 grams of protein per serving.

Myth: We need to eat animals to survive.
Not only can we thrive without meat, and eat a wide variety of nutritious foods, but a healthy plant-based diet has even been found to help prevent certain illnesses — including the #1 cause of death in the US: heart disease! Newly released Netflix documentary ‘What The Health’ delves deeper into the dangers of consuming animal products.

Myth: Veganism is just a passing ‘trend.’
Vegan eating extends far beyond dietary fads. More people are growing increasingly concerned about animal welfare, and many are turning away from animal products such as cow’s milk. Vegan eating is soaring, as consumers shift toward foods that are kinder to our health, planet and animal friends. Plant-based is far from a passing trend — it’s the future of food!

Myth: Plants can’t offer a satisfying diet.
Plants can create a vibrant and delicious array of meal options. Veganism is far beyond snacking on raw carrots for every meal, and provides a spectrum of balanced nutrients. Try some maple nut granola or tofu scramble for breakfast, but save room for some vegan mac n’ cheese and buffalo jackfruit sandwiches for lunch. Worried about meat-free dinners? Dig into these simple recipes like coconut lentil dahl or BBQ couscous tofu bowl.

For more, download your free copy of COK’s Easy Vegan Recipes, and visit!

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