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Plant-Based Micro-investing with Vegan Investing Club

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When Beyond Meat went public, shares jumped nearly 1,000 percent, from $25 to an all-time high of $234.90, within a couple of months. Soon, shares were too expensive for the average person. Those who did get in on the ground floor saw (or will see) huge returns on their investment. But of course, not all of us can afford to put a ton of money into vegan investing, even when they’re our favorite brands.  

If you could micro-invest–put a small sum of money into a brand you already buy or believe in–would you? 

A New Community for Vegan Investing

Entrepreneur Mark Perlmutter’s new community, the Vegan Investing Club, aims to help you do just that. It’s free and sends alerts to members about brands accepting investments of as little as $100, and some may offer early bird investor discounts. Perlmutter hopes that this community will lead to returns for investors and support for small vegan start-ups. He believes it’s a win-win for entrepreneurs, consumers, and, of course, the animals.

After years in the corporate sector in business and finance, Mark Perlmutter decided to enter the world of vegan activism. He launched a vegan startup with a five-year growth plan to go public. He envisioned it as a model that other vegan entrepreneurs could replicate. But, after consulting former Wall Street colleagues on the best way to fund it, he found no clear path like the one that Silicon Valley startups follow.

This led him to envision the club. A place where passionate vegans could come together and fund vegan startups by supporting the ones they believe in. Plus, they would help these companies make the world a better place. When fully launched, Perlmutter believes this could be a new form of vegan activism helping animals and the planet. 

How It Works

Perlmutter sought to create a simple process. In phase one, he invites a limited number of early bird members to join. These early birds have already started an engaged Facebook group, prompting new members to talk to more experienced members about how to get started. 

In Phase Two, a limited number of companies will invite club members to invest. Finally, in phase three, the Vegan Investing Club will be fully launched, notifying members of up to 10 vegan investment opportunities per month. 

You can learn more about helping accelerate the vegan economy with Perlmutter’s program by visiting or joining its Facebook group.

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  1. This is wonderful!!! I’ve always wanted to do something like this and now I can!!! The day is coming soon when no one will eat animal flesh ♥️♥️♥️

  2. Hello, I’ve registered but I have not received any advice, where to invest, how to send my investment money.

    V.R. Richardson Grimes

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