These Vegan Cheeses Will Make You Forget Why You Ever Ate Dairy

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fyh-17-e1475252706107Cheese. You may hear veg-curious eaters saying it’s their last step to go in their journey to a vegan diet.

But this is 2016 — we promise, it’s the era of life-changing vegan cheese! We’re not talking rubbery, tasteless substitutes; this is cheese that tastes like the real thing. And sliced cheese, in particular, is a niche that’s seen some major improvements of late.

So if you need a tasty option for your lunchtime sammie or breakfast sandwich, here are three sliced vegan cheeses that’ll make you forget why you ever ate dairy.

Follow Your Heart Cheese
This company is on a roll: First, they release the groundbreaking VeganEgg. Now, they’re flooding the vegan cheese market with a wealth of sliced options. American, mozzarella, garden herb, provolone, smoked gouda, AND pepper jack. All of the flavors are spot-on substitutes, so use ‘em to re-create your favorite sandwiches and snack foods. You can always pile on some of the company’s famous spreads or sauces, too, like Vegenaise, Sriracha Vegenaise, Vegan Blue Cheese, or lots of other options.

Daiya Cheese
Daiya, makers of the ever-popular cheesy shreds (available at many mainstream pizzerias), also offers a lengthy line of sliced cheeses — new and improved! The dairy-free delights come in cheddar-style, provolone-style, and Swiss-style. The brand also makes blocks (which can easily be cut into slices) in jalapeno havarti-style, medium cheddar-style, monterey jack-style, and smoked gouda style.

Chao Cheese
Field Roast’s three varieties of Chao Cheese are a popular choice with many cheese lovers — vegans and omnivores alike. These coconut-and-tofu-based cheeses are delicious eaten on their own, or melt beautifully atop a sandwich, enchilada, or omelet. Flavors include creamy original (closest to “traditional” cheese), tomato cayenne, and coconut herb. Many Walmarts even carry these cheeses now, so keep an eye out at your favorite grocer. (Word is, the company will soon be releasing a mac ‘n Chao cheese product, so stay tuned!)

These possibilities are endless, and there are many more companies churning out vegan compassionate cheese, like Treeline,Miyoko’s Kitchen, Kite Hill, and others! Look for them in a store near you, and explore our dairy-free recipes.

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