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Vegan in 2020: 8 Ways to Give the Year a Brighter Outlook for Animals

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As we rang in 2019, our resolution was to make it the Year of the Vegan, and those efforts paid off in huge legal victories, groundbreaking investigations, and successful corporate campaigns. We’ve worked hard to make vegan eating easier than ever, so now it’s your turn to transform your 2020. 

Is your New Year’s resolution to go vegan, take control of your health, be kinder to the environment, or…to just continue doing all of those things? Either way, here are a few ways you can make an even bigger impact in 2020. 

1. Try veg

This new year, resolve to leave animals off your plate. By making a simple switch to vegan foods, we can safeguard animals, our health and the environment. To get started, check out all our free recipes and tips on Animal Outlook’s and join our VegWeek Facebook group for vegan recipes, stories, calls to action, support on your vegan journey and more.

2. Share vegan eating with friends and family

You don’t have to do it alone. By sharing your new compassionate choices with others, you can help spread the message, and maybe even get some friends to join you on your new journey. Try mastering vegan baking to share with coworkers, or listen to the Vegan Family Podcast for tips on how to talk to your family about farmed animals.

3. Share the truth to fight factory farming

Why not use the powerful tool of social media to be a voice for animals? Animal Outlook’s eye-opening undercover investigations reveal the truth behind the closed doors of animal agribusiness–but the truth can’t get out there without your help. To help us spread the word, share our investigation footage or a thought-provoking piece from our blog.

4. Follow Animal Outlook for daily motivation

We’re here every day bringing you stories of farmed animals, groundbreaking investigations, and updates on what we’re doing for animals every day. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to keep up with it all. 

5. Make your voice heard–sign and share a petition

Signing and sharing an Animal Outlook petition is easy and quick–and it has a huge impact. Our petitions show just how many people are demanding more compassionate foods and policies. Sign and share one of our active petitions today to: urge Dunkin’ to offer a vegan donut, tell Martha Stewart to stop supporting cruel salmon farming, and ask the USDA to put a stop to high-speed slaughter once and for all. 

6. Lend your support

Your generous support has made all of 2019’s victories possible. And by continuing to give, you can help us power through into 2020 to save more animals and make vegan eating easier and more accessible. Consider making a one-time or monthly donation today, or check out other creative ways to give–including Facebook fundraising or shopping Amazon Smile. 

7. Wear your message

Nothing says compassion like wearing your heart on your sleeve. Help spread the vegan message by sporting an Animal Outlook shirt, messenger bag, mug, sticker or water bottle. Plus, check out our favorite vegan brands for t-shirts and accessories at

8. Join the cause

Become a member of Animal Outlook and sign up for our eNewsletter to stay up-to-date on our campaigns for animals. Plus, check out our volunteer opportunities or internship program!

Together, we can continue building a more compassionate world and speaking up for animals. By making a few small changes, you can have a huge impact–and we’re here to help.

As always, thank you for your generous support. From everyone at Compassion Over Killing, cheers to a happy new year and a powerful 2020!

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