Corporate Bullying: Sustainable Foods Stand Up & Speak Out

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Industrial food and Big Ag are feeling the heat — it’s from a fire created by the development of a strong wholesome sustainable food movement, and there are some clear and obvious signs that it’s getting too hot to handle.

Two months ago, Compassion Over Killing shared the outrageous news that Unilever, the $60B multi-national corporate makers of Hellmann’s mayonnaise filed a bullying lawsuit against the plant-based start-up Hampton Creek, makers of the uber popular plant-based “Just Mayo.”  Unilever whined that Just Mayo is taking away market share from its (cholesterol-laden) egg-based Hellmann’s mayonnaise. The case is still pending and we’ll keep you posted.

And just this week, Vermont’s “Eat More Kale” creator, Bo Muller-Moore finally won – putting an end to the bullying he was suffering from cruelty-laden fried chicken chain Chick-fil-A. Why was Bo being bullied? Because of a shirt he was selling that  encouraged people to “Eat More Kale.”  Seriously!  Chick-fil-A argued that this healthy food slogan — “Eat More Kale” — violated trademark on Chik-fil-A’s “Eat More Chik’n” marketing slogan.

Thankfully, the US Patent and Trademark association approached this with some common sense and approved Bo’s “Eat More Kale” trademark, putting an end to this fast-food giant’s unjustified bullying.

While Chik-fil-A was able to keep their sense of humor about the loss, stating “Cows love kale, too,” (yes, we know – kale is an excellent direct source of calcium!) these David versus Goliath battles are a sign that the sustainable, local, and plant-based food movements are rocking the boat and making meaningful, noticeable change in how we think about food — and how we eat.

Some corporate giants file bullying lawsuits in the hopes of maintaining the status quo, while others are more eager to stay ahead of the curve, and see the consumer trends bending toward healthier, kinder,  and more sustainable eating. Compassion Over Killing has a long-standing history of exposing the hidden cruelties of Big Ag and successfully persuading companies to make important vegan-friendly changes that are a win-win for customers and animals alike, including our most recent announcements in the past few months about Dunkin’ Donuts, Subway and Tim Hortons.

As a growing number of consumers ask for vegan options, smart companies are responding and this in turn increases the availability of healthier, kinder, and greener food choices in the mainstream marketplace; thus making it easier for everyone to make more compassionate choices — so together, we’re standing up against the bullies, we’re speaking out for animals, and we’re creating a better  world. 

Want to learn more tricks and tips to join the movement and leave animals and animal products off of your plate?

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