VICTORY: Hardee’s Joins Carl’s Jr. in Grilling up Beyond Meat

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Fast food giant Hardee’s has jumped on the plant-powered bandwagon, becoming the latest in a growing number of chains to offer vegan meat. After supporters joined Compassion Over Killing in encouraging the burger giant to follow in its sister company, Carl Jr.’s, footsteps by offering a vegan burger, Hardee’s heard the sizzling demand and will soon be introducing Beyond Meat sausages and patties to its menus.

Compassionate eaters across the Western U.S. rejoiced when Carl’s Jr. rolled out its Beyond Famous Star Burger featuring the Beyond Meat patties. However, East Coasters were not able to enjoy the new creation, which was not offered at Carl Jr.’s Eastern counterpart: Hardee’s.

This spring, COK took to the web to show the burger giant the massive consumer base it was missing out on. And Hardee’s heard the buzz: This week it announced that it will be testing the plant-based meats in two of its biggest markets this fall. The burgers and patties provided by Beyond Meat are said to have been specially formulated for Hardee’s and will not be available anywhere else. 

Take a minute to thank the company by commenting on its latest Facebook post for taking this major step in the right direction toward a more compassionate world for animals. 

With Hardee’s, Carl’s Jr., Burger King, and others cashing in on the sizzling plant-based market, we have to wonder: Will McDonald’s be next? Help keep up the momentum by sending a quick message to McDonald’s urging it to “ketchup” with its competitors by dishing out a vegan burger!

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