Subway Recognizes Vegetarian Awareness Month and Asks for Customer Feedback!

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Vegetarian AwarenessWhen the world’s largest restaurant chain tweets about Vegetarian Awareness Month and asks for your feedback about its menu items, it’s a good sign that the interest in veg-friendly food choices is shifting further and further into the mainstream.

For years, Subway has offered its “Veggie Delight” sandwich, loaded with vegetables on fresh bread, helping make vegetarian eating convenient and affordable. Meat-free dining, however, has come such a long way in the past several years, and if you’re like us, you often find yourself craving a heartier, protein-packed animal-friendly meal.


Vegetarian Awareness

That’s why, after successfully persuading companies like Morningstar Farms and BOCA Foods to offer more vegan options and reduce their use of eggs, Compassion Over Killing reached out to Subway asking the company to expand its menu to include a “meatier” vegan meal. By adding veggie deli slices, such as “Hickory Smoked” Tofurky, Subway could offer something for everyone — whether you’re vegetarian or vegan, simply looking for a healthier or cholesterol-free meal, searching for Kosher or Halal foods, or are concerned about the environmental impact of meat production.

Subway needs to hear from caring consumers, like you — and now is the perfect time since the company is asking for your feedback:

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