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Campaign Update: Los Angeles Loves Subway’s Vegan Subs!

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In July, we shared the exciting news that nine Subway stores in Los Angeles started dishing out vegan subs: the tasty Malibu Garden and the delicious Black Bean (order on the Italian bread to make it a vegan meal). Three months later, we checked in with those stores to see how the Subway’s vegan subs are standing up to customer reviews — and the results suggest it’s a resounding success!

Here’s some of the great feedback we’ve heard from store managers and sandwich artists confirming that consumers are ready for a hearty, healthy, animal-free option to be permanently added to Subway’s menu:

  • “There are returning customers who are coming back who are vegan. Even one of our employees has been eating [the black bean patty] regularly and he eats meat. I myself am not vegetarian or vegan; I eat meat, but I really like it.”
  • “Right now there are steady sales. People think that it won’t taste good because it’s vegan, but then they try it and really like it.” 
  • The [Malibu Garden] sandwiches have been selling a lot. Around the neighborhood, there are lots of vegans looking for a healthy sandwich.”
  • “It has been selling a lot here, we’ve had really good feedback. We have it right in front of our order board, and in our store we promote it a lot. If someone comes in for a veggie or veggie max, we try to steer them towards the black bean patty. I’ve tasted it, and it’s pretty good!”

And it’s not just Los Angelenos who are hungry for vegan subs — when Subway tested three vegan sandwiches in the DC-area, they sold out within weeks! Now, several stores around the nation’s capital are dishing out delicious falafel. And even Canadians can enjoy the “Totally Vegged” all-vegan sub!

Here’s more proof that Subway is catching on that consumers want more veg-friendly options: it’s even promoting veggie subs in its latest newsletter!

Subway's Vegan Subs
If you live in Los Angeles and haven’t tried the subs yet, what are you waiting for?! And no matter where you live, you can show Subway how much you love protein-packed vegan options by asking for these options on a store menu near you: it takes about 30 seconds to send them a comment through our

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