Extreme Cruelty Uncovered at Pig Factory Farm that Supplies Tyson Foods

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TysonEarlier today, a powerful and extremely graphic new undercover video inside a Wyoming pig breeding factory farm was released by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).

The footage, which was filmed by an investigator employed at Wyoming Premium Farms, a company that supplies Tyson Foods, reveals incredibly violent and downright sadistic scenes of animal abuse including mother pigs repeatedly punched and kicked in the face, piglets swung around by their back legs or kicked like soccer balls, and injured pigs with broken legs or prolapses unable to walk who were left without access to food, water, or veterinary care.

In addition to enduring egregiously abusive conditions and spending months on end nearly immobilized inside narrow gestation crates, these pigs are also forced to live in filthy conditions with mummified corpses of piglets and aisles littered with feces as well as the cut-off tails and testicles of piglets.  Read the full investigative report from HSUS.

Warning: this video is extremely graphic

This hard-to-watch video comes on the heels of other investigative videos exposing cruelty in the pork industry, including COK’s recent exposé of a massive pig breeding facility in Iowa revealing that animal cruelty is standard industry practice.

While other industry giants, including Smithfield Foods, Hormel, and Cargill, are at least starting to phase out the use of gestation crates for mother pigs, Tyson continues to drag its feet and has failed to take any steps towards reforming its cruel practices. Even major retailers such as Burger King, McDonald’s, and Safeway have agreed to remove gestation crates from their supply chains.

Act now: Urge Tyson Foods to phase out gestation crates.

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