Motivation: How to Continue Pushing Forward!

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In training for a 100 mile race, along with any other type of race, there are always going to be days where you simply just “don’t wanna.”  So how do I deal with those days? Simple. One of two things cause burnout for me: I just need a workout buddy to help push me and make the workout FUN! OR, I’m in need of a low training week.

Burnout is an easy thing to fall into – lots of high mileage and cross training can drain you. It’s extremely important to build in an active rest week every few weeks – especially when the animals are counting on you! These weeks include very low mileage, recovery stretching, yoga, and extra sleep. Food is also an important component to preventing burnout. The more processed foods you eat that are high in sugar and simple carbohydrates, the more your adrenals will be depleted that much faster, leading to burnout.

Things I aim for while training to stay energetic, strong, and MOTIVATED!

  • More than 6 hours of sleep
  • Clean sources of carbohydrates (sweet potatoes and bananas are a constant in my house)
  • High protein of varied sources (tempeh, different types of beans, kale, almonds, hemp seeds, and occasionally raw protein powder)
  • LOTS of water – which is harder than it should be for me to do… homegirl loves her coffee!

It’s certainly not always easy, and I am by no means perfect. But I do know that when I follow those simple guidelines, everything about my training and how I feel just seems to click.

Then there are also views like this that keep me motivated to get out there and run and find more new amazing views!

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