Plant-Based Beyond Burger Hits Meat Aisles at Kroger

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Plant-based foods are everywhere, from Starbucks to even Google, and stores like CVS are stocking their shelves with healthier meatless options.

Food delivery site Grubhub says it’s seen a 19% jump in vegan orders just in the first half of 2017!

With all this demand for animal-free options, it’s no wonder that the 100% plant-based Beyond Burger is the hottest thing on the grill right now.

Beyond Meat, makers of the Beyond Burger, has said its mission is to “attract carnivores to the category and help change that ‘meat section’ to the ‘protein section.’” And if you think you’ll only find this juicy burger in the plant-based section of your store, think again: It’s gone beyond — from meat aisles to movie theaters.

Already being sold right alongside its animal-based counterparts in some stores across the US, the Beyond Burger has now hit more than 600 stores owned by the nation’s largest grocery chain: Kroger. In all, the Beyond Burger is now available in more than 1,300 grocery stores nationwide.

Beyond Meat writes, “Having the country’s largest grocery chain on-board to place the Beyond Burger in their meat aisle is an important step in broadening the way people think about, and define, meat. The meat section is where a majority of shoppers are accustomed to shopping for protein, and we’re BEYOND grateful to be there!”

We hope Kroger will keep looking beyond meat, to kinder, healthier, and more sustainable protein alternatives. In February, Compassion Over Killing released a gut-wrenching investigation exposing egregious cruelty and deceptive food labeling practices at a Kroger lamb supplier. Sign and share our petition to ask Kroger, and Walmart, to cut ties with Superior Farms.

Photo: Beyond Meat

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