Philadelphia Passes Meatless Monday Resolution

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Restaurants: be prepared to veganize that Philly cheesesteak — the Philadelphia City Council just unanimously passed a resolution endorsing and encouraging residents to participate in Meatless Mondays!

This resolution, which acknowledges that raising animals for food is a significant contributor to today’s most serious environmental problems, comes five years after a 2008 pledge by Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter to make Philadelphia “the greenest city in America.” It also highlights the many health benefits of choosing vegetarian foods.

Councilman Bill Green, who introduced the resolution, said,  “I am happy to bring attention to this important issue. We can combat the epidemic of obesity, improve long-term health outcomes and potentially reduce the impact of livestock on global warming though this one, simple effort. And we can make our moms happy by eating our veggies and trying new things – a win win win!”

Rachel Atcheson, Philadelphia director for The Humane League, a nonprofit organization that worked closely with the City Council on this initiative, adds that “By working more healthy, plant-based meals into their diets each weeks, Philadelphians can make a big difference.”

Philadelphia is the fifth largest city in the US and now joins a growing list of municipalities officially endorsing Meatless Mondays. Other jurisdictions include Montgomery County in Maryland, Los Angeles, Oakland, Oak Park in Illinois, Washington, DC, and many more.

Want to see your community adopt Meatless Mondays? Find out how you can help encourage your city or county council to join the movement!

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