LinkedIn Honors Vegan Innovation in Food Industry

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Business social network, LinkedIn has just released its “Next Wave” list of top professionals age 35 and under. Among the list of pros and entrepreneurs in industries spanning food, technology, media, government and more, is the Chief Strategy Officer at Impossible Foods — the innovative vegan company that brought the world the much-talked about “impossible” vegan burger that “bleeds.”

Nick Halla, the very first hire at Impossible Foods, told LinkedIn why he’s motivated to create vegan alternatives that will be game-changers in the food industry: “My upbringing on a dairy farm makes me super passionate about the work we’re doing at Impossible Foods. Whether I’m a farmer, an engineer or a business leader, making the world more sustainable has been a longtime aspiration.

LinkedIn remarks at the ground-breaking process behind the Impossible Burger, which is getting rave reviews from vegetarians and omnivores alike: “This level of innovation took some serious molecular science, starting with replicating heme — part of the protein found in blood — at scale and adding coconut oil flecks to mimic beef fat.”

Also ranking on the list is Ashley Peterson, who since 2014 has been Vice President of Experience at Sweetgreen, where the salads-and-more menu features lots of veg-friendly options. LinkedIn writes: “Vegan, gluten-free, local, seasonal: That’s what you’ll find at Sweetgreen, a fast-growing chain that sells salads and grain bowls in what Fortune calls ‘the new model for fast food.'”

From LinkedIn to media headlines, vegan eating is truly in the spotlight! And as major companies nationwide answer the ever-growing demand for plant-based options, it’s certainly not impossible to find kinder, healthier and more sustainable foods — in fact, it’s easier than ever.

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