Lightlife Serves Up A ‘Bleeding’ Vegan Burger

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Consumers are increasingly filling their shopping carts with vegan options, and companies are recognizing this soaring demand and getting in on the competition in the meat-free market with exciting new products — including by serving up more and more innovative plant-powered patties.

Brands like Beyond Meat have created buzz among pre-vegan and vegan eaters alike with “bleeding” burgers. Now, Lightlife has another option fresh off the grill.

In 2017, the meatless brand Lightlife transitioned to a fully vegan product line! The exciting news for animals and consumers came a few years after a Compassion Over Killing campaign prompted the company to drastically reduce its use of eggs and launch new vegan items.

Lightlife marketing director Brad Lahrman said to VegNews last year, “Animals or animal byproducts simply aren’t needed to create delicious, healthy, protein-rich food.

We couldn’t agree more!

The new Lightlife burger is expected to hit US stores in March.

The demand-driven, ever-growing availability of delicious and creative vegan options is good for both consumers and animals. The desperate dairy and meat industries are not quite as happy about it — trying to squash the rise of plant-based products, and framing a recent report on the importance of vegan eating to fight climate change as “the next attack.”

You can choose more sustainable, healthier, and kinder foods every time you shop! We can help you get started with free vegan recipes on

If Lightlife can go vegan, meatless brand BOCA can too! COK has prompted BOCA to drop its use off eggs, impacting the lives of millions of hens. Now we’re urging its parent company Kraft Heinz to eliminate cruel dairy from the brand as well — and its working, with the BOCA product line now mostly veganJoin nearly 50k people & sign our petition today.

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