Five Reasons We Love Lizzo

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Not only is Lizzo 100% that b*tch, she is also 100% vegan. There are lots of reasons to love her, but here are our top five.

Her Incredible Music

Let’s start off with what Lizzo is best known for – her music. The immensely talented Lizzo sings, plays the flute, comes up with the catchiest lyrics, produces and engineers (audio). She does it all, proving that vegans are multifaceted individuals just like anyone else, except they are powered by plants, not animals.

Her Amazing TikToks

TikTok has truly taken the social media world by storm. The app is used to make short video clips ranging from 20 seconds to one minute with content ranging from dance to comedy — but our favorite TikTokker, without a doubt, is Lizzo. She shares her delicious meals and recipes in fun video snippets (warning: may contain profanity). Check out a few here: Lizzo’s Pesto, What Lizzo Eats In A Day.

She Supports Vegan Small Businesses

Not only does Lizzo share her own recipes for delicious vegan food but she also highlights vegan restaurants and shows off their delicious cruelty-free creations. Check out her favorites at The Fat Vegan, a vegan catering service in California: What Lizzo Eats From the Fat Vegan

She Promotes Body Positivity

On all of her social media platforms, Lizzo promotes the importance of self love and body positivity. On her TikTok she specifically emphasizes the inclusivity of veganism, spreading the message that vegans come in all shapes and sizes.

She fights for social justice

She has been extremely outspoken regarding Black Lives Matter and systemic racism in the U.S., proving herself not only to be an incredible musician, but a powerful activist who uses her growing platform to create necessary social change. 

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  1. And have you ever heard her speak about animals, animal rights or anything pertaining to animals????? Or is she plant based. That is the difference. If she is plant based, that’s fine. Every animal that she doesn’t consume is great for the animals. But if she is never mentioning the cruelty and horrendous conditions that animals live and then are slaughtered, then the message about being a real vegan is not coming across to her fans. Does she wear fur or leather? If so, she is not vegan.

  2. BLM, the organization, is a Marxist organization with the goal of destroying the u.S.A. in order to fundamentally re-make it and turn our country, the home of the free and the land of the brave, into a commie nightmare. Where else in the world have minorities had the opportunities to make their lives whatever they want them to be as the result of hard work and the vision to succeed? This country was the first in the world to end slavery. It is in our Constitution and Bill of Rights that declares ALL men (and women) to be created equal and endowed by our Creator with rights that cannot be taken away from them by other humans. They are God-given rights to pursue whatever they aspire to and to achieve happiness in their lives. There is no “systemic racism” in this country, that was the result of the Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s and 70’s when Martin Luther King, Jr and MANY whites marched together with their black brothers to make sure that everyone in the U.S.A. was protected under our laws against discrimination in housing, schooling, and all aspects of life here in this country. Thousands of whites died in defending these liberties, not only during this time in our history, but during the Civil War as well. You people need to study the history of our amazing country before admiring someone who espouses the BLM movement and perpetuates the lie of “systemic racism” in this country. These are the sort of lies being told that are tearing our country apart during these troubled times in our history. Abraham Lincoln and the Republican party freed the slaves and I’ll bet that there are many Blacks who think Lincoln was a Democrat. He was not, and the Republican Party is the party of anti-slavery, anti-KKK, and anti-racism. Look it up.

    1. The US was late in the game in banning slavery. Britain for one, banned slavery in 1791. There appears to a learning gap in the US education system, deficient in incorporating the rest of the world. Your comments don’t seem to be relevant to Lizzo being vegan. Good for her, regardless of whether she uses it as a platform for educating people on animal cruelty.

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