Is COK’s Investigation the Last Time the Public Will See Inside Iowa Factory Farms?

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Agribusiness interests in Iowa desperately don’t want you to see this COK video of Iowa factory farms:

In fact, Iowa Ag has been feverishly pushing through a state-level ”ag-gag” bill aimed at criminalizing undercover investigations, like COK’s, that shine a bright light on the cruel and inhumane treatment of animals rampantly found on factory farms.  Shamefully, Iowa’s Governor signed this dangerous bill into law late last week.

By going to such desperate lengths to prevent Americans from seeing what hidden cameras capture on film behind closed doors, Iowa’s agribusiness industry has proven that it in fact has something to hide: the truth.

That’s why Compassion Over Killing – and the animals – need you to stand by our side now more than ever.

Iowa factory farms

COK’s most recent Iowa undercover investigation, released last month, pulls back the curtains on the day-to-day miseries forced upon thousands of female pigs, who are intensively confined in tiny crates where they can’t even turn around—and their piglets, who endure painful mutilations without any relief.

These acts of cruelty, which the National Pork Board deemed “not abusive,” were documented in Iowa by COK.

Is this the last factory farm investigation in Iowa? Please give the animals your voice. We can’t let them suffer in silence behind the industry’s locked doors.  By donating to Compassion Over Killing today, you can help us continue going undercover inside factory farms across the U.S. to expose the unethical practices that the meat industry is desperately trying to hide.

The voices of billions of factory-farmed animals must be heard. And by working together, they will be heard.

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