MD: Chicken Slaughterhouse

VA: Tyson Chicken Factory Farm

• PA: Dairy Factory Farm

• CA: Superior Farms – Lamb Slaughter Exposed

• VA: Tyson chicken breeding factory farm

• MN: Pig Slaughterhouse

• CA: Turkey Hatchery

• NC: Chicken Slaughterhouse

• NC: Chicken Factory Farm

• CA: Dairy Cow Slaughter Plant

• CA: Chicken and Duck Hatchery

• CO: Dairy-Calf Raising Facility

• IA: Pig Breeding Factory

• MN: Turkey Breeding Factory

• PA: Chicken Hatchery

Nestle’s Nightmare: The Hard-to-Swallow Truth

Working inside Martin Farms, a Pennsylvania dairy factory farm, COK’s investigator documented senseless and violent abuse of mother cows and their defenseless calves. This is some of the worst abuse we’ve ever documented, and yet it also shows practices representative of what life is like for animals on a typical dairy farm.

In this case, COK’s investigator followed a truck from this factory farm to an ice cream facility, owned by the world’s largest dairy company: Nestlé, the maker of ice cream brands including Dreyer’s, Edy’s, and Häagen-Dazs.

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Amick Farms: High-Speed Chicken Slaughterhouse

Exposed Powerful new investigative footage by Compassion Over Killing exposes heartbreaking cruelty to birds inside a Maryland slaughterhouse — one of 24 chicken plants allowed by the USDA to operate at dangerously fast kill line speeds.

In 2018, a COK investigator worked inside this Hurlock, Maryland high-speed facility that kills up to 175 birds each minute. That’s as many as over one million birds every week.

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Tyson: A Tradition of Torture Exposed — Again

New heart-wrenching undercover footage by Compassion Over Killing (COK) exposes shocking abuse of birds at a Virginia factory farm supplying Tyson Foods, the nation’s largest chicken producer.

For several weeks, a COK investigator worked inside Atlantic Farm, a Temperanceville, Virginia facility with more than 225,000 birds crammed inside filthy warehouses. The gut-wrenching video reveals egregious acts of violence as well as the painful hidden horrors chickens are forced to ensure as a result of genetic manipulation for obesity and unnaturally rapid growth.

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Carton of Cruelty: Behind Big Dairy’s Closed Doors

In a heartbreaking new undercover video, Compassion Over Killing reveals violent abuse of gentle mother cows at Mason Dixon Farms, a massive dairy factory farm in Pennsylvania with more than 2,500 animals.

Mason Dixon supplies some of the biggest names in dairy, including Dairy Farmers of America and Land O’Lakes. 

One of the largest dairy facilities on the East Coast, Mason Dixon was the first in the US to implement milking of cows by machines, known as “robo-milking.” Approximately half of the 2,500 cows on this factory farm are now “robo-milked.”

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Sheer Horror at Superior Farms: Lamb Slaughter Exposed

In a new eye-opening investigation, COK offers the first behind-the-scenes look inside a US lamb slaughterhouse. This gut-wrenching undercover footage reveals egregious animal cruelty and alarming food labeling practices at Superior Farms—the largest lamb producer in the US and a supplier of the nation’s top two grocers, Walmart and Kroger.

Filmed by a COK undercover investigator working for Superior Farms at the largest lamb slaughter plant in the country located in Dixon, California, the graphic video captures the violent and bloody death that these young, gentle animals are forced to endure.

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Tyson Exposed: A Tradition of Torture

A shocking new undercover video reveals egregious acts of violence and abuse at Tyson Foods, the nation’s largest chicken producer, that prompted the company to immediately end the cruel practice of “boning.” Tyson also fired 10 employees, stated it was “disgusted and outraged by what’s shown in this video” and acknowledged that “we must do more to stop this inexcusable behavior.”

Filmed by a COK investigator who worked inside several Tyson facilities throughout Virginia, the footage offers a shocking, never-before-seen look behind the closed doors of chicken breeding factory farms, known as “broiler breeder” farms. This is where America’s chicken dinner begins.

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Hormel: USDA-Approved High Speed Slaughter Hell

In 2015, a COK investigator worked inside Quality Pork Processors (QPP), a USDA-inspected slaughterhouse in Minnesota that exclusively supplies to Hormel, the makers of SPAM. This shocking footage offers a disturbing, close-up view of the suffering endured by pigs as they are pushed, prodded and dragged to their death.

This facility is one of five in the U.S. operating under a USDA pilot program, known as “HIMP”, that allows for high-speed slaughter and reduced government oversight. That means this facility operates at faster line speeds than almost any other facility in the U.S.: approximately 1,300 pigs are killed each hour, their meat to be sold as SPAM or other Hormel pork products.

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