The Hidden Lives of Playful Pigs

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PigsIn our everyday lives, it may be difficult  for us to relate to a pig or any farmed animal for that matter. Most of us have never met a pig in person or had the opportunity to discover that these highly social animals possess an amazing capacity for love, joy, and sorrow.

After watching the entertaining video below, which highlights the incredibly playful and inquisitive personalities of pigs, it’s hard not to notice how strikingly similar these animals are to the beloved dogs with whom many of us share our homes. In fact, studies have shown that pigs are actually smarter than dogs.

Sadly, however, more than 100 million pigs are raised and killed for food each year in the U.S. The overwhelming majority of these animals are forced to spend their lives in miserable, overcrowded conditions where they’re deprived of the ability to engage in many of their most natural behaviors.

The good news is that each of us can express our compassion for pigs — and all animals — simply by leaving them off our plates. Start today: visit for a free Vegetarian Starter Guide as well as dozens of delicious animal-friendly recipes.

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