Here’s How YOU Can Celebrate Earth (Every) Day!

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It’s Earth Week – and almost Earth Day (April 22)! How are you celebrating our planetary home this week?

While there are many important ways for us to protect the planet, from recycling, to saying no to single-use plastic and more – there’s one simple step we can take to stand up for the earth every time we sit down to eat!

Study after study confirms that animal agriculture is a leading cause of environmental degradation, and that by choosing plant-based foods, we take a much lighter toll on the planet.

Nine billion animals are raised and killed for us to eat each year — in the US alone. The mass-scale farming of animals, most in extreme confinement in filthy conditions on factory farms, not only causes immense suffering for animals and workers, but it’s also devastating to the environment.

The good news is that each of us has the power to take a bite out of climate change!

  • A 2013 report by the United Nations Environment Programme states one of the “key actions” to produce more food with less pollution involves “a shift from animal based protein to plant based protein.
  • University of Chicago researchers found that the average American can do more to reduce climate change emissions by not eating meat, eggs, or dairy than by switching to a hybrid car!
  • Oxford researchers found that a widespread switch to a vegan diet by the year 2050 would save eight million (human) lives, cut greenhouse gas emissions by 70 percent, and cut $1 trillion in healthcare costs.

YOU can help save the planet one week, one day, one meal at a time! It might sound impossible, but you take a bite out of climate change, deforestation, pollution, ocean depletion, and other environmental devastation every time you choose a delicious vegan meal!

So, put on your capes, planetary superheroes! Here are fun actions you can take right now:

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