Want your Donation Dollars to Help the Most Animals? Here’s How!

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Most of us are familiar with the plight of tens of thousands of homeless dogs and cats who are rescued by animal shelters each year. In addition to opening up our homes to these animals in need, we’ve probably all seen those commercials filled with puppy-dog eyes that pull on our heart-strings — and ask for donations. For those of us who care deeply about animals, it’s hard to resist, and companion animal organizations are certainly worthy causes.

If your goal, however, is ensure that your donation dollars are having the biggest impact for animals, consider this: the largest category of human-caused animal suffering is happening on factory farms and slaugherhouses. According to Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE), “For every one dog or cat euthanized in a shelter, about 360 farm animals are confined and slaughtered.”

As shown in ACE’s graphic below, although farmed animals represent the overwhelming majority of animals killed or used yearly in the United States, almost all donation dollars are focused toward companion animals.

There’s no doubt that the suffering of each animal matters, regardless of whether they are a cow, a cat, or a chicken.

At Compassion Over Killing, we recognize that exposing the horrors forced upon billions of farmed animals each year in the US  is how we can bring about the most important changes for the greatest number of animals — and  you can help.

Every undercover investigation we conduct, every battle in the courtroom we take on, every corporate success we announce, and every free Vegetarian Starter Guide we distribute — it’s all because of the incredible support from our generous donors.

Together, we’re changing the world — and right now, you can double your impact! Every dollar you donate in December will be matched,  making your gift go twice as far for animals.  The animals need someone to be their voice. That someone is YOU.


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