Group to Give $1 Million to Charity if Pope Francis Goes Vegan for Lent

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A new group called Million Dollar Vegan and young animal activist Genesis Butler have made Pope Francis an offer they hope he can’t refuse: if the Pope goes vegan for Lent he will receive a $1 million donation to the charity of his choice.

This large donation will come from the Blue Horizon International Foundation and all Pope Francis has to do to secure it is eat plants.

Pope Francis has been an advocate for the environment before, citing the dangers of climate change in both a 2015 encyclical letter and a speech to the UN. Now, Butler and Million Dollar Vegan are asking for him to help in mitigating climate change, deforestation, and pollution issues through vegan eating.

This coalition, supported by researchers, activists, and celebrities, launched the proposition on February 6th with their debut video urging Pope Francis to try vegan for the 40 days of Lent in order to help save the planet, safeguard his health and that of his followers, and help put a stop to animal suffering.

The need for individuals to switch to a plant-based diet to save the planet and their own health is widely supported by science, with new studies coming out all the time urging people to make this dietary change. But that’s not the only reason, of course. By going vegan, Pope Francis and the one billion Catholics who follow him can help to end the rampant and unnecessary suffering of billions of animals per year.

This exciting initiative is backed by many already-vegan or vegetarian celebrities like Paul McCartney, Moby, Chris Packham, Mena Suvari, and Evanna Lynch.

You can help urge Pope Francis to take advantage of this amazing opportunity by signing the petition.

$1 million to the charity of your choice for just 40 days vegan? Sounds like a sweet deal to us.

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