10 Dogs Who Share it All with Farmed Animals – and Aren’t Ashamed to Admit it

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Chances are good that if you’re reading this blog, you care about animals. In fact, polls show that most Americans do. Not only do we overwhelmingly favor laws to protect animals from harm, more than half of homes in the US have at least one companion animal and 50% of pet owners consider their furry friends as much a part of the family as any other person in the household.

But what about farmed animals? Sure they may look different from dogs and cats, though they’re smart and social individuals who feel joy, pain, and sadness just the same. And they’re every bit as playful.

So we’ve collected 10 of our favorite photos of our adorable companion animals looking like, acting like, or befriending inquisitive farmed animals — and they’re not ashamed to admit it!

Some of us do too!

dogs dogs
dogs dogs
…is this a delicacy in the canine world?!

dogs dogs
Apparently it can be used as perfume and cologne too!

We hear chickens like to play, too!

dog pig

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