COK Honors Recipients with Compassionate Community Awards

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Compassion Over Killing’s life-saving work for animals is made possible thanks to the generosity of our donors, the dedication of our incredible volunteers, and the support from companies that  share our values.

On December 15, at COK’s holiday celebration, we were thrilled to present our Compassionate Community awards to two very special and deserving recipients, in honor of all they do hand-in-hand with us in our shared mission to build a kinder, greener, and healthier world for all.


Elissa Free – Compassionate Community Volunteer Award

COK volunteers do it all, from costume-clad leafleting to mundane envelope stuffing, and everything in between. Time and again, our volunteer award recipient, Elissa Free, has gone above and beyond for us — and for animals! In addition to offering generous support, she lends a hand at many local events including distributing food to students with us at the monthly Joyful Food Market in DC, and she assists in keeping our list of the many local vegan options in the DC-area up to date.

You can often find this long-time volunteer helping with many tasks at our office — even bringing her adorable furry friend Chucky and delicious vegan food to share with all of us!


Dr. Bronner’s – Compassionate Community Corporate Award

In our community, there is a company that especially shines as a compassionate business with integrity, a company that stands behind its values of equality and justice, and fuels the work of animal and environmental protection.

For the past few years, Dr. Bronner’s has been providing vital support to COK, through donations and by kindly offering their cruelty-free products for us to share with others. Inspired by the commitment of Dr. Bronner’s to helping people, animals, and the planet, we’re proud to present this compassionate company with our corporate award, accepted on behalf of the Dr. Bronner’s team by Ryan Fletcher.


See more photos from our holiday party, watch our inspiring 2018 year-in-review below, and double your impact in the life-saving work of our compassionate community for the year ahead. Your donations through Dec. 31 will be matched!

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