Beef Joins Turkey in Nationwide Salmonella Recall

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At least 246 people have gotten sick between August and October due to salmonella linked to JBS Tolleson beef. After 3,500 tons were recalled in October, the US Dept. of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service linked at least three recent patients to the company’s beef, prompting another 2,500 tons to be recalled.

The beef has been sold at over 100 grocery locations including Ralph’s and Sam’s Club, and the nation’s two largest food retailers: Walmart and Kroger. Consumers are urged to check any beef in their freezer for the affected labels.

This outbreak in beef closely follows another meat-related incident. Before Thanksgiving, Jennie-O recalled 91,388 lbs of raw turkey after at least 164 people became sick–and one person died. The USDA reported having trouble pinpointing the exact source of the salmonella, the CDC stating that it might be “widespread in the turkey industry.”

With consumers getting sick, things aren’t looking great for the meat industries. And with such huge recalls, animals are suffering and dying for massive amounts of food being thrown away, creating monumental amounts of food waste on top of an already large surplus and low demand.

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