Just Amazing: 43 New Vegan Products at Target & Walmart

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With demand for plant-based foods continuing to grow — and the market for veggie meats expected to soar to $5.17 billion by the year 2020 — mainstream retailers are responding to stay ahead of the curve. They realize that the grocery shelves of the future are stocked with animal-free options, and they’re making that future a reality right now.

Case in point: Target and Walmart. These retailers already offer several vegan options, but this month, both mega big-box stores will be introducing a whopping 43 exciting new products from plant-based foods company, Hampton Creek!  Yes, forty-three. No, that’s not a typo.

The innovative makers of Just Mayo, who’ve already expanded beyond their line of eggless mayos to Just Cookies and Chocolate Chip Just Cookie Dough, will soon make eating a bit sweeter for you — and for the animals! — with brownies, pancakes and much more.

It all starts on March 14, when new Peanut Butter Just Cookie dough arrives at SuperTarget stores and salad dressings Just Italian and Just Ranch make their way to Walmart shelves. According to Fortune, the line of new products will start to hit other Target stores this summer.

“Our whole goal is to think differently about food,” Hampton Creek CEO Josh Tetrick told Fortune. Thanks to compassionate companies like Hampton Creek and the increasing availability of vegan products in the aisles of mainstream stores, more and more consumers are thinking differently about food too.

JUST can’t wait to try the new foods and and wondering if you’ll be able to find them at a store in your area?  We’ve got Just the map for you!

Photo: Hampton Creek

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