4 New Vegan Celebs You Need to Know About

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In the words of the illustrious Vegan Bros, “everyone’s going vegan” — and if you pay attention to what’s happening in Hollywood, it sure seems like that’s the case. More and more celebrities, actors, musicians, and athletes are making the switch to a vegan diet for their health, for the animals, and for the planet!

In case you haven’t been paying attention to the latest developments in the world of pop culture, here are four new vegan celebs you definitely need to know about. Give ‘em each an Instagram follow and let them know you’re stoked they’ve discovered the benefits of a plant-based diet!

Laverne Cox

This Orange Is the New Black star announced via a red carpet video recently that she’d been vegan for 12 weeks. The actress and transgender LGBTQ advocate (who plays prison hairstylist Sophia Burset) asked fellow vegan actress Ruby Rose, “How’s it going for you?” Rose responded, “It’s the best thing ever.” Way to go, herbivorous ladies!

Danielle Brooks
Also a star of OITNB, Danielle Brooks plays “Taystee” and this recently vegan actress has shared her love of tasty plant-based foods on Twitter! Watch her whip up a delicious-looking vegan mac and cheese on The Chew.

Kyrie Irving
This NBA all-star has been making major headlines with his switch to a vegan diet, and the changes he and others are initiating across the sport. Filmmaker Kip Anderson of What the Health fame recently joked to The Bleacher Report that “the NBA will soon be called the NVA, the National Vegan Association, because ‘that’s how many players are going vegan or vegetarian.’”

Rainn Wilson

While the quirky actor, of “The Office” fame, initially said he was trying a vegan diet for health reasons, he later revealed that he and his wife have pet pigs — and he loves them more than he loves bacon. The couple recently rescued two pot-bellied cuties, Snortington and Amy. He told Conan O’Brien that as he was eating some bacon, “looking at these adorable little pigs”, he made the connection and decided to go vegan.

Featured photo above: The Chew

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