10 Vegan Clothing Companies to Help You Wear Your Message

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Vegan fashion isn’t just about wearing clothes free from animal products. Sometimes, it also means displaying your ethical stance and using your style to communicate your message! To make shopping easy, we’ve compiled a list of ten companies that sell vegan-wear that is not only free of animal products and unethical fast-fashion practices, but that also encourages veganism in a fun and fashionable way.

The Herbivore Clothing Company

This cruelty-free company is truly a one-stop shop for everything vegan. They carry all kinds of cool clothing designs, plus stickers, buttons, bags, books, and even housewares. Find it online at HerbivoreClothing.com, but you can also visit the brick-and-mortar location in a “vegan mini-mall” in Portland, Oregon!


Compassion Co.

Founded by animal activist Andy Tabar, Compassion Co. features one-of-a-kind, hand-drawn designs. Shirts are printed in the United States on organic cotton, and 5% of every sale is donated to a different organization every month.


This LA-based streetwear line prides itself in its ethical production and eco-friendly inks. In 2008, BEETxBEET owner Jacky Wasserman won a contest with Obey Clothing, which jump started her design career. After going vegan in 2012, she started BEETxBEET in 2014. The brand gives back by doing collaborations and benefits for various animal rights organizations.


Another LA-based ethical company! Boredwalk is founded by two vegans, Matt and Meredith. They have a ton of designs to choose from–not all of which are related to veganism. But who doesn’t want a “feminist is my second-favorite F-word” t-shirt?


Fair trade, sweatshop-free, and vegan! After going vegan, Taryn founded Vegetaryn in 2015 to spread the vegan message. In addition to her own designs, she also collaborates with vegan youtubers and influencers like @veganfatkid and @frommybowl.

Veganized World

Veganized World offers tongue-in-cheek designs, many of which are based on pop culture references (think Drake: if you’re not veg it’s not too late). All sizes are unisex and are fair trade and 100% sweatshop-free.

The Dharma Store

The founders of the Dharma Store were inspired to go vegan by one simple thing: a stranger in a vegan t-shirt. That lit the spark for them to do their research and change their ways, and now they’re spreading the vegan message in the same way.

Moo Shoes

Sometimes it feels like good shoes are the hardest vegan clothing item to find. So many conventional shoes contain animal products like leather or suede, or use non-vegan glue. Moo Shoes fills that need by offering high quality shoes, belts, and bags from various brands–all in one place.

Plant Faced Clothing

This ethical vegan company refers to itself as “streetwear minus the sweatshop.” They merge art, design, music, skate, and tattoo culture with a cruelty-free lifestyle message. All of their materials are vegan, fair-trade and environmentally friendly.

Compassion Over Killing Market

Last but certainly not least, Compassion Over Killing and TryVeg have a variety of shirts, stickers, and even tote bags available online! Check out the brand new Beyond The Lies t-shirt or a magnet featuring the cute TryVeg pig.

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