Your Guide to the Best Vegan Easter Basket

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compassionate-Easter-e1458919738150Are you looking for compassionate Easter treats? No need to go on an egg(-free) hunt — because we’ve got this in the basket!

There are plenty of delicious animal-friendly goodies available that are Easter Bunny-approved! Here’s your guide to the best vegan Easter basket ever, featuring some of our favorite treats:

Cream Veggs
Made by Premium Chocolatiers, these uber-rich chocolate eggs are a cruelty-free version of the ever popular Easter treats, Cadbury Cream eggs. At $14.95 for six generously-sized chocolates, this stash will last your chocolate-loving giftee awhile.

Sour Beans Vegan Jelly Beans
These lip-puckering beans may be small but, made with real fruit juice, they pack a vitamin-C punch. Free from gluten, soy, artificial flavors, and beeswax, they’re perfect for any eater on your Easter list. Individual bags are three for $5, and they come in a snack pack size for $7.99 too, so pick these up for little ones or candy-loving adults.

Vegan Easter Nest with Nut Cream Eggs
These custom-made Easter treats are made with organic coconut, cocoa butter and white chocolate. The colorful eggs inside are orange, lemon, and blueberry, made with nut butter. For $24, you’ll score 24 nests.

Moo Free’s Rice Milk Chocolate Easter Egg
If you’re into the traditional egg theme for Easter, opt for one of Moo Free’s tasty chocolate domes. They come in Original Chocolate ($11.99), Bunnycomb (mixed with crunchy vegan toffee bits) and Cheeky Orange ($12.99 each).

Sweet & Sara’s Marshmallow Bunny & Chick
It doesn’t get any cuter than these sugary sweet treats. A compassionate alternative to the standard Peeps, these little darlings are lovingly made by hand, complete with adorable faces painted on with organic chocolate. At $7.95 for a pair, they’re ideal for making Easter-themed s’mores, or enjoying as is.

Rescue Chocolate’s Bunnies — Make Mine Chocolate!
This handsome chocolate critter is 100% vegan, and part of Rescue Chocolate’s campaign (along with House Rabbit Society) to promote the purchase of cocoa-based bunnies, not their real-life bunny counterparts, for Easter. At $6.50, he’s the perfect cruelty-free choice for chocolate lovers.

(Remember, a rabbit can live ten years and needs lots of care and love – please don’t give them or other animals as presents!)

Sjaak’s Organic Peanut Butter Filled Dark Chocolate Easter Eggs
For lovers of nut butters, these organic dark chocolate eggs are packed with peanut butter. $6.99 gets you three colorful candies — an excellent addition for a bright, cheerful vegan Easter basket.

If you’re more into convenience store shopping, there are lots of surprisingly veg options there, too. Try Jolly Ranchers Jelly BeansSour Patch BunniesSweetarts Chicks, Ducks, and Bunnies; or Twizzlers Pull ‘n’ Peel Twizted Strawberry Blast Candy!

Gift any of these delicious goodies and you’ll be an Easter All Star!

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