Watch & Take Action: Former COK Investigator Says ‘Not So Fast, USDA!’

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COK’s brave former investigator, Scott David, is in a new video sharing an urgent call to action: He needs YOU to join him in speaking up for pigs today!

In a gut-wrenching 2015 COK undercover investigation, Scott exposed horrors at Quality Pork Processors (QPP) slaughterhouse, an exclusive Hormel supplier. Operating under the USDA’s high-speed slaughter, reduced inspection pilot program known as “HIMP,” this facility has one of the fastest kill floors in the nation.

In our new video, Scott visits rescued pigs at River’s Wish Sanctuary, and explains how he is still haunted by the horrors he witnessed inside QPP.

Watch Scott’s urgent message now:

Under HIMP, slaughterhouses are allowed to run at increased line speeds, while much of the food inspection responsibility is transferred from trained government inspectors to employees of the slaughter plants. This dangerous program essentially allows slaughterhouses police themselves.

Scott will soon personally deliver our petition to the US Department of Agriculture, asking the federal agency to halt the nationwide expansion of HIMP, which puts animal welfare and worker and consumer safety at risk. You can multiply his impact by signing today!

The best way we can protect pigs, and all animals, is simply to leave them off our plates! Visit today.

DYK? Now providing support for our current investigators, Scott was behind the camera for three powerful COK investigations, exposing abuse of chickens, lambs, and pigs. His footage sparked headlines by New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, and more.

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