Move Over Schnitzel: Oktoberfest in Germany Introduces Vegan Options

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Germany’s Oktoberfest celebration is known for its meat-heavy cuisine — but, as event organizers note, times are changing. And, to stay on pace with the rise in vegetarian and vegan eating in Germany and throughout Europe, the event is adding vegan options, including vegan wine!

According to ABC News, “Herzkasperl” beer tent is one of the vendors keeping up with veg eating trends — they’ve added soy “pork” medallions with sauteed chanterelle mushrooms along with an egg-free and cheese-free version of the traditional German dish “Käsespätzle.”

“Vegan food is the best way to ensure that people of all religions, as well as those that don’t eat animal products out of conviction, aren’t excluded from the festivities,” Herzkasperl worker Martin Jonas told ABC News.

Other beer tents are offering vegan chicken options and red wine that has not been filtered through animal proteins.

More Germans are choosing to leave meat off their plates out of environmental, health, and animal welfare concerns. In fact, there are about 7 million vegetarians in Germany, or roughly 8-9 percent of the population, according to the Association of German Vegetarians.

What’s more? A recent survey in Germany found that a majority of Germans — 52 percent — consciously avoid eating meat three or more days a week!

This growing awareness was seen earlier this year when the German Green Party officially added to their political platform a weekly “Veggie Day,” which encourages everyone to give up meat at least one day a week.

Get in the Oktoberfest mood! Try out this quick and easy recipe for vegan German potato salad!

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