Mission Sustainable: DC Restaurant Goes Vegan for Earth Day

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April 20 Update: Due to unforeseen circumstances, Sunday’s “Vegan Day” at Bread & Brew has unfortunately been cancelled. However, stop by ANY day during VegWeek to order anything off their vegan menu and 20% of your bill will still be donated to COK’s work for farmed animals!

While a growing number of restaurants are eager to tout more sustainable business practices, such as serving local foods or buying organic produce, perhaps the most important step that businesses can take to demonstrate their commitment to helping protect the planet is simply offering meat-, egg-, and dairy-free meals.

Numerous reports have concluded that raising animals for food is considered one of the leading causes of pollution today, and it takes more land, water, and energy to produce meat, milk, and eggs that it does to produce plant-based foods.

What we eat matters, and that’s why DC’s Bread & Brew not only offers vegan meals on a daily basis, every Monday you’ll find a 100% meatless menu.

What’s more is that for the fourth year in a row, after working with Compassion Over Killing, Earth Day (April 22) is also Vegan Day at Bread & Brew! 

Sustainable“We’ve always focused on sustainable food, and since there’s no better way to protect the planet than by choosing plant-based foods, we’re thrilled to offer our community and customers some spectacular vegan fare,” said Bread & Brew owner Teri Van Goethem. “Going all-vegan with our menu for Earth Day is a natural fit for us, and a no-brainer—all of our customers LOVE the vegan menu.”

Beginning at 9 a.m. this Sunday, you’ll find breakfast treats like blueberry-banana pancakes, organic rum french toast with carmelized bananas, or a roasted vegetable and mushroom frittata—all of them vegan! Enjoy your Spring brunch on the outdoor patio, or stop by later in the day to relax at the downstairs bar for dinner and drinks. Menu items like chickpea “crab” sliders or the portabello mushroom “french dip” with hand-cut fries are sure to hit the spot.

Plus, Bread & Brew’s Vegan Day event, which also kicks off our national VegWeek celebration, doubles as a benefit for Compassion Over Killing—10% of the day’s sales will be automatically donated towards our work to protect animals.  

Spread the word, RSVP on Facebook, or we’ll just see you there! If you don’t live in the DC-area or can’t make it, check out a full list of restaurants offering VegWeek specials from coast to coast.

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