Changing Hearts with Pay-Per-View at WorldFest

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This past Sunday, COK’s West Coast team headed out to Worldfest, the largest vegan and solar-powered festival in Los Angeles, determined to reach out to the eco-conscious, soon-to-be vegan masses about the realities of factory farming using our powerful Pay-Per-View video booth.

Despite the sweltering heat, thousands of people were drawn to this annual event and many of them stopped by our booth to find out how they could make more compassionate and eco-friendly choices. As a part of our Pay-Per-View program, attendees were offer $1 to watch a four-minute video revealing the painful truth kept hidden behind the closed doors of the meat, egg, and dairy industries.

One viewer, who was vegetarian, watched the video and after declining to accept the $1, he commented: “I really needed to see that — I needed motivation to cut dairy and eggs from my diet and this video did just that.” 


Two young girls, both who eat meat, viewed the video in horror. They were shocked and empowered: “I can’t believe that they’re allowed to treat animals like this,” one said. “I’m gonna make the whole world go vegan!” 

Our volunteers were on-hand to coach viewers through their many questions about what they just saw and how to find and make more meatless meals. A number of people declared that they intended to eat significantly less meat, and dozens of vegetarians pledged to go vegan! 

Pay-Per-View proved that just a few minutes with the truth can forever change our hearts, minds, and dietary choices.

Check out more photos from Worldfest on Facebook, and help us spread compassion by exploring our upcoming volunteer opportunities.

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