Rob Zombie Tells USDA: Stop the Line Speeds from Hell!

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On the heels of his new movie 3 from Hell, Rob Zombie is appealing to the USDA this Halloween with an urgent message: Stop the line speeds from hell! 

Right now, billions of animals, workers, and consumers are on the line as the USDA continues expanding its dangerous high-speed slaughter program. Just last month, it finalized a rule that will allow pig slaughter plants nationwide to run kill lines as fast as they want. But it’s not too late to protect billions of birds from the same dire fate.

So, for the second year in a row, horror icon Rob Zombie (musician and director of 3 from Hell, House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects) is teaming up with Compassion Over Killing to take the USDA to task for the real-life dangers posed by reckless high-speed slaughter. 

COK’s recent investigation of high-speed chicken slaughterhouse Amick Farms showed birds being punched, shoved, and thrown on the slaughter line, as well as slowly drowning in electrified stunning baths during equipment break-downs. COK also obtained evidence that birds were scalded alive in vats of hot water.

Yet Amick Farms and the USDA have yet to admit the disastrous effects of running kill lines at recklessly fast speeds of up to 175 birds slaughtered every minute (nearly 3 birds per second), causing workers to make critical errors—and put themselves in danger—as they rush to keep up. And the agency continues to churn out waivers allowing more and more poultry plants to follow suit.

Hammering Rob Zombie’s message home this Halloween are targeted cell phone ads encircling the USDA’s headquarters in Washington, DC, featuring Zombie and directing hundreds to COK’s nearly 200,000-strong petition.

Spread your wings for billions of birds TODAY: Join Rob Zombie in telling the USDA to end the line speeds from hell with a quick tweet!

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