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VICTORY: Proposition 12 Passes By a Landslide in California

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In an enormous victory for the treatment of farmed animals, California’s historic Proposition 12 passed with over 60% of the vote in yesterday’s midterm elections.

This landmark legislation will ban cages for egg-laying hens, gestation crates for pregnant pigs, and veal crates for calves, and ban the sale of products made from keeping animals in these cages, which are so small they can barely move their entire lives.  

Even more, these standards apply to all products sold in California–meaning that any companies hoping to sell in the California market will have to ensure its suppliers abide by these standards as well.

And this wasn’t the only victory for animals this Election Day! In Florida, 70% of voters supported Amendment 13 to phase out greyhound racing by 2021, and with most of the nation’s greyhound tracks located in Florida, this ban nearly eliminates the sport in the US.

Though Prop 12 won’t eradicate factory farming, it is a huge step in the protection of farmed animals that was massively supported by Californians — and will impact the whole country.

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