PROGRESS: Canada Starbucks to Offer Vegan Parfait and Everything Bagel

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A Starbucks Canada employee has spilled the beans that vegan blueberry yogurt parfaits and everything bagels are making their way nationwide! Meanwhile, over 31,000 people have signed a Compassion Over Killing petition urging Starbucks to offer vegan food choices to go with their coffee. So when will US coffee lovers get to indulge in these compassionate food options?

Last year, Starbucks told Compassion Over Killing at its annual meeting that a US-wide vegan food line was on the horizon in 2018. But soon after the coffee giant finally poured out a vegan macadamia oat cookie on menus nationwide, it was discontinued due to slow sales—and there’s still no sign of a more tempting cookie variety or a robust vegan menu in the US. 

Meanwhile, customers at Starbucks’ UK outlets are enjoying a variety of vegan sandwiches, breakfast items, and even mac and cheese. And last month, Starbucks Singapore dished out vegan mooncakes, while South Korean Starbucks-goers can now enjoy vegan pound cake.

This year, COK took the chain to task on its US food menu at its shareholder meeting once again, and we were told that we’ll “continue to see work come from [Starbucks] in that area.”

Now, with vegan yogurt creating a buzz at Starbucks on this side of the Atlantic, a latte compassionate eaters in the US are eager for a taste. Help us encourage Starbucks to brew up the new vegan yogurt parfait in the States, too: Leave a quick, polite Instagram comment for the chain to espresso thanks–and encourage it to offer vegan food in the US!

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