One Farmer’s Story: From Pig Farm to Pig Sanctuary

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Pig SanctuaryFor anyone who’s had the chance to meet a pig up close and personal, it’s hard not to notice how strikingly similar these animals are to the beloved dogs with whom many of us share our homes. In fact, studies have shown that pigs are actually smarter than dogs.

These highly social animals have such an amazing capacity to experience and express love, joy, and sorrow — and looking into one piglet’s woeful eyes as he was about to be slaughtered is what changed the course for Lo Hung-hsien (pictured here), a former pig farmer turned vegetarian advocate in Taiwan.

In a recent article in the Taipei Times, Lo Hung-hsien explains “When I took [the piglet] in my hands and then it looked at me right in the eyes, as if saying ‘How could you do this to me?’ That look … shattered me and kept me awake all night.”

That’s when the 34-year-old pig farmer decided to become a vegetarian and “cut off cooperation with any butcheries.” He transformed his farm, a profitable family-owned business, into a pig sanctuary for his “piggy friends.” And he strongly believes in spreading seeds of compassion where ever he goes. In addition to giving free speeches and volunteering at schools, he drives around town in a truck that proudly displays the message “Animals are our friends, not our food.”

If you’re as inspired by this story as we are and want to help empower others to choose compassion, consider sharing our free Easy Vegan Recipes booklet with a friend or request a free bumper sticker for your car, laptop, or school locker.

By spreading the animals’ message today, each of us can help build a kinder tomorrow.

Photo credit: Taipei Times

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