COK Reaches Thousands at the NBC4 Health and Fitness Expo

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Fitness ExpoFor two days straight, COK’s booth at the popular NBC4 Health & Fitness Expo was non-stop busy with people eager to give vegetarian eating a try. Many said they’ve already started to reduce their meat consumption and others asked us how to get started. Their comments confirm what the US Dept. of Agriculture states in a recent report: Americans are eating less and less meat.

Attendees were voracious for more information on vegetarian eating, and our stellar team of over a dozen volunteers shared personal stories, meal ideas, tips, free food samples, video clips of factory farming, and of course lots of printed materials.

In all, we distributed over 8,100 pieces of pro-veg literature, showed more than 300 people an eye-opening video exposing the horrors of meat, milk, and egg production, gave away over 3,000 samples of our favorite vegan foods and coached hundreds of people through their many questions about how to add more meatless meals to their diets.Fitness Expo
At our Pay-Per-View video station, hundreds of people witnessed, for their first time ever, the miseries forced upon animals raised for food. Viewers were shocked and comments included: “I’m definitely not going to eat animals anymore” and “This is the stuff nightmares are made of.”  Dozens of people pledged to stop eating meat on the spot with countless more saying they will, at a minimum, eat less meat.
Fitness Expo
Sharing free food offers such a positive opportunity to introduce people to vegan eating and open up meaningful dialogue about the benefits of leaving animals off our plates. We served over 3,000 samples of delicious vegan foods, including chocolate soymilk and cookies (a hit with the kids!), meat-free jerky, and crackers with a “cheese” spread.Fitness Expo
Thanks to all our volunteers for helping kick of the New Year with a tremendous message of compassion at this successful outreach event!Want to help create change for animals? Check out our calendar of events, and consider joining us for “Effective Advocacy: Increasing Your Impact for Animals” a seminar on effective animal advocacy.

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