Month of Compassion and Gratitude: Meet Robin and Wilma Jean

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Compassion Over Killing is celebrating November as a Month of Compassion and Gratitude! In the spirit of Thanksgiving and in honor of #GivingTuesday on November 27.  we’re raising support to strengthen our life-saving work for animals while also giving back to causes that are important to each of us, and to us as a team.

With your help, the COK team is giving back to our communities in many different, creative ways: from crocheting sweaters for rescued chickens, to volunteering at an animal sanctuary, and so much more.

Some of our team members are joining together to cook and deliver healthy, vegan meals throughout 2019 to DC’s oldest domestic violence shelter.

One of these inspiring team members giving back in this way is Robin, COK’s Special Projects Manager! Robin works diligently on COK’s biggest events like the DC VegFest which draws over 20,000 people to the nation’s capital every year, plus our annual holiday celebration, and many other projects.

Robin dedicated her life to animals many years ago, but someone who motivates her daily is her canine companion, Wilma Jean–who also graciously offers her skills as COK’s Chief Happiness Officer!

I have spent my life working to make the world a kinder place for animals. I take my inspiration from many places, such as knowing that pigs are trapped in tiny cages unable to turn around or care for their young, or from the billions of chickens who live in darkness never touching grass or feeling the sun. But there is one animal who really inspires me, a little dog who lives with me, Wilma Jean. She is the heartbeat at my feet who reminds me every day that animals are individuals with their own personalities and lives and who simply want to live free of pain and suffering. -Robin

Many of us were inspired to go vegan when we realized that the animals farmed for food are no different than the animals we love and care for in our own homes.

This Thanksgiving, join Robin and show gratitude for your little loved one too, by making a matched donation to protect animals today!

Thank you from Robin and Wilma, and the whole COK team!

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