Miyoko’s Kitchen is Giving Back to Compassion!

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Do your pre-vegan friends or family ever wonder how you, as a vegan, live without cheese? Well, of course you know vegans have a wide range of plant-based cheesy choices, and in the past few years, several companies have stepped up their game up to improve the flavor, texture, and overall experience of eating dairy-free cheese.

Case in point: Miyoko’s Kitchen! This cruelty-free company is churning out handcrafted artisan delights that are made to impress! They offer ten decadent and aromatic flavors such as Classic Double Cream Chive, High Sierra Rustic Alpine, Fresh Loire Valley in a Fig Leaf, Mt. Vesuvius Black Ash, French Style Winter Truffle, and more.

You can serve them as a cheese plate with fruit, crackers, or a baguette, or transform a classic comfort food into a foodie experience with recipes like Truffle Mac. We promise your palate will be pleased!

So now that your taste buds are tempted, are you wondering where to go to indulge in these creamy delights? You might be able to find Miyoko’s cheese in your local Whole Foods or other specialty grocer. Or you can order online  — and when you do, Miyoko is offering a special deal this month only!

For the month of September, when you order Miyoko’s Creamery products online, you can use a special COK code to get a 15% discount COK15plus, the company is generously donating a portion of all online sales to COK as part of its monthly “Giving 1% Back” program!


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