UCLA Offering New Farmed Animal Law Course Taught by COK’s General Counsel

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animal lawThis fall semester, I’ll be teaching Animals in Agriculture and the Law, (open to advanced students, 2Ls and 3Ls) at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) – School of Law.

I’m looking forward to the opportunity to talk with students about the work I do as General Counsel at COK as well as teaching them about what happens to animals on factory farms and why factory farming is such a core social justice issue in everything from animal cruelty and environmental impacts to world hunger and human health. More importantly, I hope to empower students to understand the systems at work in our food system and become proficient with practical legal tools to solve the problems in the real world in their careers, from a variety of angles.

Animal law is a new yet rapidly growing field. UCLA Law is among the many law schools where a general animal law seminar is offered — and it is a fantastic seminar that I was fortunate enough to take as a student. It helped prepare me for my career in animal law. Now UCLA Law students will be able to enhance their knowledge with a class that deals with the weighty and complex issue of factory farming in the context of animal law.

Law classes specifically dealing with farmed animal law are just beginning, including courses at Lewis and Clark and one next year at NYU Law. I’m excited to be on the ground floor of what I hope is a trend toward more students becoming educated about this issue and empowered to make tangible gains for farmed animals in their careers.

Registration is open, so if you are or know any UCLA Law students, the time to enroll is now!

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