McDonald’s Unwraps New Meat-Free Menu – in Canada

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While Burger King has its BK Veggie (which is not vegan in Canada or the US), and Subway restaurants all over Canada dish out an all-vegan “Totally Vegged” vegetable patty, the golden arches remains one of the few fast-food chains lacking a meatless meal on its menu. That’s about to change – well, at least in Canada.

This week, according to Canada’s National Post, McDonald’s is rolling out two new meatless options at participating locations nationwide: a Mediterranean McWrap and a Sante Fe McWrap. (Note: As listed on McDonald’s website both wraps include cheese so request yours to be made dairy-free).

Why is McDonald’s going meatless and touting this “delicious new way to get your veggies”? Simply put: consumer demand.

Marketing magazine reports that in a recent Environics survey commissioned by McDonald’s “76% of consumers said they look for veggie-only choices at least sometimes, even if they don’t consider themselves to be vegetarian.” And just over half of those who took the survey said they aren’t satisfied with the current meatless options available at restaurants.

McDonald’s also relied on information revealed during its “Our Food, Your Questions” campaign, during which many customers asked for veggie options further highlighting the need to cater to the growing demand for meat-free meals.

“People always ask for the veggie burger. So this we’re going to surprise them with,” said John Betts, CEO of McDonald’s Canada,when asked about the new veggie wraps. “It’s a much more contemporary product, and I think it tastes a lot better.”

Let McDonald’s know that US customers are also hungry for meat-free meals. And be sure to reach out to other national chains in the US:  Ask Burger King to make its BK Veggie a vegan burger and let Subway know you want vegan options just like its offers in Canada!

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