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Hawkeye Sow Centers Investigation – Ag-gag Iowa

Ag-gag Iowa – What is Agribusiness Trying to Hide?

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Is COK’s investigation the last time the public will see inside Iowa factory farms?

Agribusiness interests in Iowa’s legislature have been feverishly working to pass “ag-gag” legislation — these are bills aimed at shutting down whistle-blowing exposés documenting the cruel and abusive conditions for animals on factory farms. Shamefully, Iowa’s Governor signed this dangerous bill into law in early March 2012, rendering investigations, like COK’s, essentially impossible and would have an even smaller window into the truth about how its food is being produced.

By going to such desperate lengths to prevent Americans from seeing what hidden cameras capture on film behind closed doors, Iowa’s agribusiness industry has proven that it in fact has something to hide: the truth.

Perhaps now more than ever, it’s imperative on us to empower ourselves and give a voice to the billions of farmed animals who suffer in silence as they are routinely treated as mere meat-, milk-, and egg-producing machines. Please watch and share our undercover videos with as many people as possible.

Be sure to also read more about “ag-gag” efforts in other states – and join our efforts today to speak out for animals.